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Why most of bride grooms seems unhappy during wedding ceremonies – See reasons

Marriage is a blessing to both partners according to traditions and religions. For that, it is optional and also important for each and every individual to get married. According to suggestion from different perspectives of men and women, A man should prepare well and get ready before involving into marital world because according to some African traditions men are to pay any cost involving marriage ceremony.

It’s only in few relationships that women helps the men to do their ceremony. which most of the women also preferred white color wedding.

These are some of the reasons men seems unhappy during wedding ceremonies.

Religion aspect

From this point of view,
Most of the men love their opposite partners in their religious organisations.
But then, the norms and teachings of most religions talks about marriage before s3xual activities which most times goes contrary against the wants and needs of men in the church even in some cases they impregnate their partners before marriage commens.

When a man found himself in such situation, leaders of the church arrange marriage ceremony shortly just to cover up the so call taboos and do not consider if the man is financially stable or not. In other cases the men have to go for loans or beg friends and families for financial support.

Social aspect
Women grow fast and wish to get married in their twenties to thirties that’s when their age mates are all married and they can’t be left behind so they are forced to get partners without considering the needs and wants of marriage

Family aspect
Over 95% of family, when a man impregnated their daughter, you are forced to marry her without taking notice of the man status.

In this aspect when a man found himself when poverty has embraced them, they have no chance to accept to marry either in rich home or poor home.

Don’t involved yourself in while color wedding while you are not financially stable
Protect yourself in having s3x with a woman when you are not yet to marry Pregnancy can’t be the reason to lead you to unwanted marriage situations
Be financial stable before involving into marriage
Don’t be deceived by society because marriage is not the visa to heaven

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